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The Ninja were mystical martial arts warriors who conjure up a picture in your mind of a stealthy looking black clad assassin who can achieve super human feats of walking on water, flying through the air and being able to pass around completely undetected by their enemies and then disappear in a cloud of smoke before anyone has even had any idea of their presence.

Ninja warriors had the ability to seemingly appear out of the shadows, multiply and defeat, or escape their enemies when all odds were stacked totally against them.

The ninja warrior could in reality do a lot of these things and they often encouraged stories about their mysterious abilities to fuel superstition and feed the fears of their enemies to their advantage.

The ninja warriors were a cult of assassins and spies and sometimes ex samurai warriors who were hired by feudal shoguns or samurai lords as mercenaries to carry out underground espionage and secret missions of assassination.

They were the arch nemesis of the samurai warriors and were highly skilled at guerilla warfare and the art of stealth and assassination.

The ninja developed underground guerilla techniques as an alternative to full frontal assault, which was not effective in battling the samurai because the ninja were almost always outnumbered by the samurai warriors and had very little chance of winning by attacking them head on.

Ninja warriors practiced the martial art of ninjutsu or ninjitsu, which means the ‘art of stealth’.

This form of martial art was adapted to the need of the ninja warrior to hide from the samurai and other enemies and so developed techniques to allow the ninja warrior to move around undetected and to strike deadly blows from the shadows, swiftly and effectively.

Jujustu is the closest form of martial arts to ninjitsu because both styles are focused on body mechanics and manipulating the wrist, knee and shoulder joints.

A little known fact is that many ninja warriors wore armour like the samurai and performed a similar role. The underground mysticism, secrecy and deadly ability of the ninja made them much more feared and also more influential than the samurai, even though they were much less in number.

Because of the many assassinations of enemy warlords and widespread tales of magical powers and the use of strange forces unknown to common man, people became very fearful of the ninja warrior.

Another little known fact is that some of the most deadly ninja warriors were female. Some of the most successful ninja assassins made use of the art of seduction to lure their unknowing victims to be blinded by emotion before they were killed as soon as they lowered their defenses.

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